Coral Reef Rehabilitation

Recreating the ocean’s life cycle. Contribute towards coral reef rehabilitation.
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Philippine Reef Propagation & Rehabilitation  Program

How to Support?

 We have 3 ways to support which can be made through the form on this website.
  • Adopted a coral means you will sponsor the rescue, re planting and growth of a coral. The coral will have a tag with your desired name and you will receive 3 pictures of it at three different stages of growth. The perfect gift.  
  • Adopted a coral Onsite– means sponsoring a coral propagating frame and helping our team plant it while on holiday or visiting us on your trip to Palawan. Inclusions: Snorkelling equipment and 3 hour hands on propagation course. After which you will receive video updates every six months for the duration of 36 months after you have planted the frame, so you can watch your contribution to the Palawans’ ecosystem flourish.
  • Adopted a Reef for beach Resorts or coastal organizations that want to contribute towards their local reef rehabilitation, or individuals that want to sponsor the rehabilitation of any particular reef.

This program is offered to individuals wishing to contribute to coral reef protection and rehabilitation. The “Coral Propagating” program is ideal for those willing to contribute directly to our projects and can be used as a special gift to loved ones on special occasions like Christmas, birthdays or anniversaries!

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Are you already a snorkeler, diver or a dive professional? If yes, take a step forward and become a coral gardener. You have the chance to help in coral reef rehabilitation. Sign up and train with us in Coron Palawan

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